Saturday, December 7, 2013

Big Dude, Little Dude Hunt

Big Dude, Little Dude Hunt!
January 12th-February 12th
Application Deadline:  December 31st
Group Name: --Boys Rule, Girls Drool Hunts--
Let's start the year off together with you favorite big dude or little dude!  This is a grid-wide hunt for SL boys and tomboys, and that awesome big guy in their lives (dad, uncle, older brother, grandfather, etc.)  There will be prizes for both adults and children!
You can make anything for this hunt, whether it be a matching outfit, a cool dude pose, an activity to do together, something to drive mom nutty, or baseball caps for your favorite sport team.  Be creative and have fun!
Additional Rules for the Big Dude, Little Dude Hunt
-Make sure to include TWO prizes (one for kids and one for adults)  If it is something they can enjoy together, there may be one prize.
-Your store may be on an Adult rated SIM, but it must be in an area appropriate for kids
-If possible, try to represent a variety of sizes for adults (ie. XS-XL etc.) and children (regular sized, TD, teens, etc.)
-Have fun!!!
Please use the application instructions at the top of the page and send all materials to noahavery resident.  Welcome to the hunt!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

TNL Hunt Path and Hints

Store Name | Slurl | Hint (if available)

2.  Something New | | Even on the naughty list your still mums lil man
3. Mudlarks Mercantile | You will find me on the floor where you take a chance!
4. Vicarious Youth  |  Braaaains!
5.  Bop!  |  |  Being one will lead you in the list!
6.  Soken Kids Mesh  |  Deck The Halls With Harry Potter.
7.  -GEEK's- Closet  |  Where does Santa Leave His Gifts
8.  Removed
9.  SprinklyWinks  | |  Bad Boys dont get Gifts
10.  I.D. Designs  |   SKIP!!!
11.  Fraidy Cat Designs  |  |  I live by the lucky cat! :D
12.  ATAKK | | Tigers can be best friends too
13. {Dappers & Darlings}  |  You look Dapper in that Rainbow!
14.  Removed
15. Removed
17. McKidz  | |  What sounds like coal and makes a hole?
18. Trip Gear | |  Lost among the stars floats a tiny planetoid of solid coal... home world of the naughty kids.
19.  ~ Hellions ~ |  |  I wasn't very good this year. I know I'm going to be sowwy.
20. Next Gen Inc  |  |  Little Furries