Monday, November 17, 2014

The Dreams Hunt Stores

Hey everyone! Here are the SLURL's and hints for the participating stores in the Dreams hunt! :) If there is not a hint for them in this list, they haven't set out a hunt object as of 1pm SLT, so just check back later!

1.  Buglets Boys
Hint: Can you catch them all?

2.  Geeks
Hint: When I Dream, I Become a Super Hero.

3.  Boomerang
Hint: It had been a lovely day in the village, the animals were fond of the sun. All that little village needed was some refreshing rain. The sky remained clear except for one small cloud.

4.  Lil Smartie Pants
Hint: My store is so small, it's easy to find!

5.  Something New
Hint: No more nightmares for this boy.

6.  McKidz
Hint: When the nights getting colder and here comes a storm, just get ready for Christmas and keep yourself warm!

7.  SKIP

8.  by Chiana Oh
Hint: Help! I'm being abducted by a Mad Scientist!

9.  Muddy Buddies
Hint: "Sometimes I'm lucky. Sometimes I'm not. But, today I will play and give this a shot."

10.  SKIP

11.  Totally Tots

12.  Sprinklywinks
Hint: Quick catch it before it floats upstairs!

13.  Second Star
Hint: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..... huh? Oh sorry, I was sleeping.

14.  Tiny Gems

15. Foreign

16. ToddleeTeez
Hint: It's your LUCKY day there are 2 clouds to find here!

17. {Toddleedoodle}

18. Sweet Tots
Hint: The Sun and the cloud are best of friends Just let Sweetiepie and AJ

19. Vicarious Youth
Hint: Don't be greedy! - 2nd floor.

20. SKIP

21. Dani's World
Hint: I am just one, for now!

22. KJlm Kids Apparel
Hint: Bundle Up...It's cold out!

23. Feyline Fashions
Hint: Winter blows in making and icy entrance.

24. Buglets Girls


Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Nightmare Hunt Stores

1. ~*Buglets Boys*~
Hint: Ring around the roses, pocket full of.. poses?

2. Geeks
Hint: To Rise Above

3. Soken Kids TD

4. Soken Kids Mesh

5. Something New
Hint: Seek the top floor for your Halloween sweet treat!


7. Benji's Super Stuffz
Hint: Heads up! Don't let this nightmare bite you!

8. Dreamland Designs
Hint: Beware of the wolves!

Hint: You never know what is lurking around the corner!

10. Foreign
Hint:  It's somewhere in the front of the store inside of brain object, look in between things or inside objects in the front of the store.

11. Nightmare Designs

12. Sprinklywinks
Hint: If I'm LUCKY I wont have a nightmare tonight.

13. Boomerang
Hint: Down down down, into the light.

14. Toddleedoodle
Hint: Snow white was a silly girl She lived with 7 of these dudes...your prizes is in their current home, with no girls!

15. Redrum (Adult Male Item)
 Hint: It's all a Bloody Mess when you hide behind Blood!

16. Nefeli's Gestures
 Hint: My cat has lost his brain..

17. ToddleTeez
Hint: I have muscles and a brain!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nightmares and Dreams Hunts

There are TWO new boys hunts coming up that will be back to back that will explore things of your NIGHTMARES and your DREAMS!  You can sign up for both at the same time, just indicate that on your application.


Nightmares Hunt
September 29th-October 29th
Application Deadline: September 25
Group Name: --Boys Rule, Girls Drool Hunts-- 
  Nightmares are terrible things.  They make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.  They make you panic when your nightlight burns out, or the moon throws monster shaped shadows upon your wall.  They're filled with gruesome creatures, terrifying scenarios, and sometimes it's hard to distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy.  What are you afraid of when the lights go out?

This is a hunt to showcase your nightmares.  Blood, gore, terrible things.  This isn't just a Halloween costume hunt.  (Although, costumes are welcome if they follow the nightmare theme.)  Use your imagination and dig into your darkest nightmares.

  Please try to include something for all sized kids if possible.

Please use the application instructions at the top of the page and send all materials to noahavery resident.  Welcome to the hunt!

Dreams Hunt
November 17th-December 17th
Application Deadline: November 12th
Group Name: --Boys Rule, Girls Drool Hunts-- 
There is a world we all know far too well, behind closed eyes and sometimes hidden behind a snore.  A world where magic is real and creatures out of storybooks dwell.  A world where you can fly among the stars or battle dragons.  A world where even your most secret wishes come true.  A world all of your own.  What do you dream?

This hunt will showcase your dreams.  Wonderful, magical, and surreal adventures.  Use your imagination and think back to your wildest dreams.

  Please try to include something for all sized kids.

Please use the application instructions at the top of the page and send all materials to noahavery resident.  Welcome to the hunt!

Monday, June 16, 2014

YGC Hunt LMs and Hints

1.  Ragamuffins  |  |  Hint #1:  Where is my tie?  &  Hint #2:  I'm Bond.  James Bond.
2.  Geeks |   |
3.  Soken Kids  |  |  I be in my suit and tie
4.  Soken TD  |  |  Cause we'll never be royals
5. Withdrawn
6   Withdrawn
7.   Mudlarks  |  |
8.  Muddy Buddies |  |  I am quite dapper, yes I am. But, I seem to be stuck and could use a hand.
6. Withdrawn
10.  Nightmare Design  |  |  All Young Gentlemen drink Tea, right?
11.  Scribble  |
12.  Playcorner for ND/MD & Big Kids |  |  All the little boys like sticking their tongue out at the girls.
13.  Tiny Gems  | |  Skip for Now
14.  Thistle Moon Designs  |  |  Gatcha!
15.  Something New | |  A gentleman grows up to have Daddys Time out- go to family store!
16.  Sprinklywinks |  (Go downhill) |  I got Style In my Pants!
17.  Ro!act  |  | 
18.  Feyline Fashions  |  |  Above all, Mushrooms hide the best prizes
19.  Withdrawn
20.  Boomerang  |  |  Momma I think you look so Hopping good!

Young Gentlemen's Club Preview Pictures

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Young Gentlemen's Club Hunt

The Young Gentlemen's Club Hunt!
June 16th to July 16th
Application Deadline:  June 2nd
Group Name: --Boys Rule, Girls Drool Hunts-- 
 You all voted on the runner up, and it is a hunt for the well-dressed boys and tomboys!  Think fancy for this hunt.  Top hats, bow ties, hipster, sweater vests, polos, etc.  Of course, this doesn't have to just include clothing.  It could be anything from dapper poses to high class armchairs to gentlemanly gestures.  This is up to your interpretation, be creative, and have fun with it!  Please try to include something for all sized kids.

Please use the application instructions at the top of the page and send all materials to noahavery resident.  Welcome to the hunt!

Also, be sure to vote for the next hunt that will run August 6th to September 6th and be some sort of end of summer theme:
survey solutions

Sunday, April 6, 2014

RR Hunt LMs and Hints

Store Name | Slurl | Hint (if available)

1.  --Ragamuffins-- @ Whizkids | I think I had a hole in my pocket.
2.    -Geek's-  |  |  Nothing liek using some good ol camouflage to hide well
3.  Soken Kids Mesh  |  |  Dinos n Monsters n Bears...Oh My!
4.  Soken Kids TD  |  |   Find The Bunny Velvet.
5.  Nightmare Design  |  |  Well beloved.
6.  TripGear  |  |  Playing games instead of doing my homework... well, until I lost my dice anyway.
7.  :Scribbles:No longer in-world for the moment, but you can IM oliverred resident for the hunt prize.
8.  Muddy Buddies  |  |  This is relaxing and boy is it sweet, to sit here inside with these goodies to eat.
9.  Mudlarks |  |  Think inside the box.  
10.   ..::Something New::.. | |  Lets dice up some cash in the back alley
11.  Fraidy Cat Designs  |  |  I am between the cats!
12.  NobuAi  |  |  
13.  SKIP.
14.  C&N Designs  |  | Roll the dice at the table to began the game
15.  { tinygems. }  |   |  
16.  Global Nomads |  |
17.  HHVET Victoriana  |  |  Through The Gloom Shall Gleam The Sun
18.  *SprinklyWinks*  |  |   I like to dress up when i RP 
20.   Xeolots  | |  A hunt can be a social experience, but take care so that you don't starve. At least the target has found a way to keep track.(Inside the building)
21.  Feyline Fashions  | | Throw it out when you need it, take it back when you don't. Aargh what am I?
22.  I.D. Designs | |  The Easter Mascot...With Sharp Pointy Teeth!   
23. Candy Moon  |  | Under the moon
24.  Tanuki  |
25.  Dollee Pockets  |
26.  [Huntress Inc.] |  |   I'm not making accusations but.. I could totaly see Shaggy and Scooby Voteing for this shop to be NUMBER 1
27.  Play Corner |  | BOYS RULE!!!
28.   Ragamuffins @ Esterwell  |  |  It probably rolled off.
29. Boomerang   |

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Roleplaying Rascals Hunt

You've voted!  And the verdict is...


 Roleplaying Rascals Hunt!
April 6th-May 6th
Application Deadline:  March 23rd
Group Name: --Boys Rule, Girls Drool Hunts--

A hunt for those who love to rp!!  Medieval, urban, victorian, science fiction, fantasy, modern, etc.  RP outfits, props, poses, and more!  This hunt is also open to girls to help get the rp vendors out there.  Let's show all those adults that roleplaying is for kids, too!

**Additional Rules for the Roleplaying Rascals Hunt**

-This hunt also welcomes girls!  (So void rule #3 for this one)  Be sure to include either a UNISEX hunt prize of TWO different hunt prizes (one for girls, one for boys)
-Your store may be on an Adult rated SIM, but it must be in an area appropriate for kids
-Roleplay SIMs/parcels that allow children are also allowed to participate!
-Have fun!!!

Interested?  Great!  Just read the rules/guidelines at the bottom of this notecard.  Once you have read these rules, click on the application, fill that on out, and then send a notecard on over to noahavery resident.

Also, tune in next hunt for the Young Gentlemen's Club hunt.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

April/May Hunt Voting!

Hey friends! 

The Big Dude, Little Dude Hunt is on its last week.  I hope you all enjoyed it!  All of the people who participated did a phenomenal job, and I hope all the next coming hunts will be just as AWESOME!!

Sadly, due to RL getting a little busy, there won't be a March hunt, BUT we'll be back for April 6th to May 6th!  Since we'll be on a little break, I thought that we should make the next hunt AMAZING.  I've been tossing around dozens of hunt themes, and I thought why not let YOU decide! 

Below is a poll with some of the hunt ideas.  Vote on your favorite theme!  Don't see one you just can't live without?  Post it in the comments so it can be considered for one of the next hunts!


Poll will be open until February 28th.

survey solutions

Friday, January 10, 2014

BDLD Hunt LMs and Hints

Store Name | Slurl | Hint (if available)
1.  --Ragamuffins--  | |  Oops, I think it fell off the rack!
2.  Geek and Geekette's  | 
3.  Nightmare Design Toddleedoo  |
4.  ~Hellions~  |
5.  Feyline Fashions  | |  No girls allowed under these roots
6. SprinklyWinks  |  |  I get my swag from my daddy
7.  Bop!  | 
8.  Fraidy Cat Designs  |  |  I'm on the lucky cat!
9.  Something New  |  |  This Lil dude sleeps in a big dudes bed
10.  Withdrawn
11   Withdrawn

12.  Odonata  | 
13.  Muddy Buddies  |  |  3...2...1... the hunt has begun. Can you sense the clothes I'm hiding among?
14.  Winter Ravens  |  |  I never forget to pack my Hat on a Roadtrip.
15.  Withdrawn
16.  Vicarious Youth  |  |  O Boys!
17. Small World  | |  Don't forget to hang your hat!! 
18. LOC & Kibas  |  |  Always wear fresh undies and socks!
19.  Tiny Gems  | 
20.   Withdrawn
21.  RnR  |
22. Dappers & Darlings  |  |  Did you want to order a custom?  
23.  BINTEGI  |  |  Meditation is my equilibrium. 
24.  RedMesh  |  |  Morroco is hiding your gift! 
25.  Withdrawn
26.  Withdrawn

27.   Withdrawn
28.  iCandi Clothing Co.  |  |  Look For a Gift!
29.  Amy's Gesture Place  |  |  Vendor for boys makes a lot of noise!
30.  Withdrawn
31.  Dream On Furniture  |
32.  OKIDDO  |