Sunday, March 2, 2014

Roleplaying Rascals Hunt

You've voted!  And the verdict is...


 Roleplaying Rascals Hunt!
April 6th-May 6th
Application Deadline:  March 23rd
Group Name: --Boys Rule, Girls Drool Hunts--

A hunt for those who love to rp!!  Medieval, urban, victorian, science fiction, fantasy, modern, etc.  RP outfits, props, poses, and more!  This hunt is also open to girls to help get the rp vendors out there.  Let's show all those adults that roleplaying is for kids, too!

**Additional Rules for the Roleplaying Rascals Hunt**

-This hunt also welcomes girls!  (So void rule #3 for this one)  Be sure to include either a UNISEX hunt prize of TWO different hunt prizes (one for girls, one for boys)
-Your store may be on an Adult rated SIM, but it must be in an area appropriate for kids
-Roleplay SIMs/parcels that allow children are also allowed to participate!
-Have fun!!!

Interested?  Great!  Just read the rules/guidelines at the bottom of this notecard.  Once you have read these rules, click on the application, fill that on out, and then send a notecard on over to noahavery resident.

Also, tune in next hunt for the Young Gentlemen's Club hunt.