Friday, January 30, 2015

The Puppy Love Hunt List

Hey everyone! Here are the SLURL's and hints for the participating stores in the Puppy Love hunt! :) If there is not a hint for them in this list, they haven't set out a hunt object as of 1pm SLT, so just check back later

1. bop!
Hint: It's always important to FOLLOW the hints!

2. #Rewind
Hint: Travel past the monster door!

3. Second Star
Hint: Na na na na na na na na

4. Sweet Tots
Hint: Let's have a ball!

5. Dash of Dulce
Hint: Vroom Vroom! You should have a nice ride to show your crush!

6. Sprinklywinks
Hint: Oh No My Puppys Missing! Better Go Look Outside For Him!

7. Geek's
Hint: Every Pup Has a Sweet Tooth

8. Kaysha's Closet
Hint: Just Waiting For Midnight

9. KJIm Kids
Hint: Have a seat!

10. tinyOWL
Hint: Officer, can you help get my dog? He got stuck up there while we were in the Park...

11. Sugar & Spice
Hint:  I want to be a Sailor puppy!

12. Cottontail
Hint: It's a STEP up

13. Punksters Destiny
Hint: Look in the Classic/regular child avatars building.

14. HauTe Tots
Hint: Your Sweet love Lights my way

15. ToddleeTeez
Hint: Perhaps the Penguins will share their snacks?

16. Doodles
Hint: Ruggggff

17. Purretes
Hint: We have a helper for when the light goes out. Don´t be afraid, is very friendly!

18. Itsy Bitsy
Hint: Don't fall going up the stairs

19. Brigadeiro
Hint: The Brigadeiro is a very popular candy in Brazil and it is usually served at birthday parties for children.

20. Candy Cloud
Hint: Puppy want to be cupid! like to see something new he dont like ground.he alway look down and then he find you.



Monday, January 5, 2015