Rules and Guidelines

  1. Hunt items MUST be PG!  If it's something you wouldn't give to a child, then don't put it in the hunt.
  2. Store/Cart/Kiosk location must be kid friendly. It can be located on an Adult rated SIM ONLY if the surrounding area is kid friendly and appropriate.  All areas will be checked ahead of time to ensure that they are family friendly.
  3. Boy/Tomboy/Unisex items only.  After all, this is a boys only hunt!  Items can be clothing, toys, bed sets, animations, poses, shoes, books, etc.  It's up to you! 
  4. Original items only.  Only stuff that is made by YOU (or your coworkers); please don't try to give away items that are someone else's creation.  Please make a unique item for this hunt; you may resell it later, if you wish. 
  5. Order within the hunt is on a first come first serve basis.  If you apply first, you'll get the first slot.  However, if the required items are not out by final checks or your location has changed without notification, your store will be moved to the end of the hunt.  This allows you time to fix it.  After five days, if this isn't changed, you will be removed from the hunt.
  6. Hunt items shouldn't be too hard to find.  It can't be hidden completely inside another item (ie. inside a wall); it should be seen fairly easily with camming.  Don't make it too easy, though!
  7. You must have the following out at the time of final checks:  Updated Hunt Poster with LM and information notecard inside, Hint Giver, Hunt Item with your creation correctly labelled and the next LM inside.
  8. You must be a part of the hunt vendor group until the hunt is over.  This ensures that you receive all updates and changes to the hunt.
  9. When accepted, you must put up the hunt sign.  This allows the hunt to be advertised!  Also, the first hunt sign will include an application, so we can get other designers involved.
  10. Have fun and be creative!!!!  The whole point of this hunt is to have fun, and to strengthen the boy community!

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