Monday, November 17, 2014

The Dreams Hunt Stores

Hey everyone! Here are the SLURL's and hints for the participating stores in the Dreams hunt! :) If there is not a hint for them in this list, they haven't set out a hunt object as of 1pm SLT, so just check back later!

1.  Buglets Boys
Hint: Can you catch them all?

2.  Geeks
Hint: When I Dream, I Become a Super Hero.

3.  Boomerang
Hint: It had been a lovely day in the village, the animals were fond of the sun. All that little village needed was some refreshing rain. The sky remained clear except for one small cloud.

4.  Lil Smartie Pants
Hint: My store is so small, it's easy to find!

5.  Something New
Hint: No more nightmares for this boy.

6.  McKidz
Hint: When the nights getting colder and here comes a storm, just get ready for Christmas and keep yourself warm!

7.  SKIP

8.  by Chiana Oh
Hint: Help! I'm being abducted by a Mad Scientist!

9.  Muddy Buddies
Hint: "Sometimes I'm lucky. Sometimes I'm not. But, today I will play and give this a shot."

10.  SKIP

11.  Totally Tots

12.  Sprinklywinks
Hint: Quick catch it before it floats upstairs!

13.  Second Star
Hint: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..... huh? Oh sorry, I was sleeping.

14.  Tiny Gems

15. Foreign

16. ToddleeTeez
Hint: It's your LUCKY day there are 2 clouds to find here!

17. {Toddleedoodle}

18. Sweet Tots
Hint: The Sun and the cloud are best of friends Just let Sweetiepie and AJ

19. Vicarious Youth
Hint: Don't be greedy! - 2nd floor.

20. SKIP

21. Dani's World
Hint: I am just one, for now!

22. KJlm Kids Apparel
Hint: Bundle Up...It's cold out!

23. Feyline Fashions
Hint: Winter blows in making and icy entrance.

24. Buglets Girls


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